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Lia Georson

Lia Georson: Know about the solutions and services offered! 

In the IT industry, the hardware sector spins around the manufacture and amassing of all computer hardware. The popularity of IT companies has increased so much that there’s a huge sale of desktops, servers, routers, and laptops. In local and regional markets, the usage of computer hardware has been increased. More and more domestic and global companies are established and have started investing in the market of computer hardware. The metro cities have flourished a lot due to the increasing popularity and demand for computer hardware.

There are many computer companies that are providing that are offering tremendous services of installation and maintenance of computer hardware. The Lia Georson is a renowned company that deals in computer hardware in Kochi and offers excellent services. Let us know more in detail about this renowned computer hardware company.


Lia Georson: The best computer hardware company in Perumbavoor

With the tradition and experience of handling the sales of Electronics products and Information Technology solutions and services from the year 1996, Lia Georson is breaking the grounds. Particularly in Kochi, Lia Georson has become one of the top laptop servicing centers. In their services, they offer all the laptop accessories at reasonable prices.

They offer all types of services for desktops and laptops and provide scanners, projectors, home theatres, printers, etc. Lia Georson is quite famous in Kochi and is known for its super timely and trustworthy services. This company is the best wholesaler in Kochi of all the hardware parts that include toner, cartridge, printer, and laptop. They offer well-known service for hardware installation, software installation, successful installation, and computer hardware repair and maintenance.

The motto of Lia Georson

 The main focus or motto of Lia Georson is ‘Customer service and satisfaction are what they provide.’ This company’s concept motivates them to do 100% effective delivery and focuses on other maximum satisfaction to customers. The company deals in all major components like products, devices, spares, services, and peripherals that make them grow in the IT industry.

Featured products and services of Lia Georson

The portfolio of Lia Georson of the entire products and services is from the best manufacturers and brands all over the world. Let us move forward and know more:

Digital learning solutions

Lia Georson is working on improving the hallucination of borderless earning surrounding colleges and schools all around Kerala. They bring into concern all the products, equipment, gadgets, and services that work on offering to innovate learning experiences in schools and colleges. It works on providing the best products and services that include digital whiteboards, touch-screens, projectors, and more. This will enhance the learning method making it fun, which will help students stay active throughout their online classes.

Home Entertainment

You don’t need to go to theatres and watch the movies and shows and can now turn your living room into a home theatre. Experience the highly emotional 3D sound, modern projection, and extreme comfort at your own home. You can experience all this at your home with your family.

Lia Georson offers the whole set of equipment that includes 3D sound systems, screens, projects along with execution and consultancy. It mainly focuses on enhancing the viewing experience with the consultation design, systems, and installation. They offer the best equipment according to the budget of the customer. Not only this, but they also provide proper advice, expertise, and recommendations to their customers.

hometheater in Kochi

Business Peripherals

Lia Georson is focusing on transforming business with consistent boardroom equipment that includes AV conferencing systems and many more. They are changing the way of promotions and advertising with digital signage systems that represents all the services and products in the ultimate way. This will change the way of offering products and services in a striking way and will convey information through interactive ways and touch-screens.

They are planning to take the business to a great level through seamless collaboration: the EPBX and IPBX call centers and dedicated security systems in Kochi. People are relying on Lia Georson for the best sound and speaker systems for their conference rooms and boardrooms.

Hotel Automation

The modern gadgets, systems, and appliances provided by Lia Georson are provided the world-class experience to customers to stay at a hotel with much more comfort. They are working on providing profitability and enhanced working efficiency. The hotel automation systems are offered by hotel owners to guests to control nearly all the functions. These features involve the movement of drapes, temperature control, audio-video systems, lighting controls, and more.

 The advanced security systems offer a safe and secure environment. For safety measures, here are specialized door locks, guest room management equipment, and computerized maintenance. All the advanced features enhance the comfort and security of guests. The security system also improves the services, reduces energy costs, and helps the rooms get cool faster before the guests enter.

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