How to Troubleshoot a Noisy Computer Fan?

Computer fan Cleaning

You would hear the noise from the CPU sometimes, which could be annoying when you are working in the night shifts. This is annoying not just to you but to the whole family. This noise is produced by fans. Though fans might sound no so important, it is essential for you to keep the fans inside the CPU to reduce the heat and keep the computer in a top-notch condition. The heat would be drawn from the components inside the CPU while working through the fans. The dust, dirt, and contaminants that are filled in the air would have a huge impact on the performance of the fan. There are many more problems than you can encounter when there is no regular maintenance.

As per the computer service center Kochi, if there is a lot of noise that is produced by the fans, just follow these troubleshooting tips:

Clean the fan embedded inside the PC thoroughly

When the fan draws air, there are many contaminants that you find on the laptop and personal computer. Similar to the bookcase that gathers the dust and grime, even the computer fans would turn louder and would accumulate a lot of dust in case you are not cleaning the fan regularly. It is simple for you to clean the fan that is embedded in the desktop system just by removing the side panels. You can use the screwdriver to remove the panel and thoroughly clean the fan. The process is a bit difficult for laptops. If you are confident enough to dismantle the laptop, then you can clean the fan with ease. However, do not take the risk of detaching the laptop parts until and unless you are not sure about it. The best way to clean the PC or laptop is to use the vacuum cleaner or the air duster vacuum. When you remove the dust completely from the laptop by hiring the computer service Kochi, the fans will work effectively to cool the system and produces lesser noise.

Computer fan Cleaning

Change the position of the PC or laptop to promote a better flow of air.

The place where you keep the personal computer or laptop is important as this is what helps the fans to cool the system and avoid unnecessary heat to build up. Ensure that you do not put the PC or laptop that is closer to the heater or TV. It is best to have the fans to the side of the system to keep the CPU cool. Never put the PC in the closed area as the heat builds up briskly and ruin the computer parts. When the air is hotter, the PC turns hotter, and it makes the fans tough to keep the personal computer or laptops cool. This increases the fan sound. You should not place the laptop on the bed or surface, which would block the fans to dissipate the heat. When the PC or laptop is supplied with enough air from outside, it keeps the PC cool and produces lesser noise.

Make use of the cooling pad for the laptop.

If there is any problem with the fans equipped on the laptop, it starts to produce annoying noises. Moreover, it is a bit difficult for you to gain access to the fans on the laptops over PCs. If you are worried about the laptop getting damaged due to excess heat, it is best for you to choose the computer accessories like a cooling pad for the laptop. The external fans will withdraw the heat from the motherboard of the laptop. There is a lot of air that is passed beneath the laptop. This is the best way to keep the laptop cool and away from heat. More importantly, prevent loud fan noises.

Check the applications that are running on the system.

When the personal computer or laptop is using too many applications, you can hear the fan sound getting loud. You would all of a sudden get scared hearing those noises. If the fan is producing some noise, even the system is in idle condition; then there could be some serious problems with the applications or malware that are running on the system. A few of the malware will start to run in the system when your PC is in idle mode. If the memory of the system has reached 100%, then it is time for you to uninstall a few of the applications.

Computer fan Cleaning

Use the software that controls the fan.

If you observe that the fans inside the PC are too loud, it is best for you to use the third party software that helps you to reduce the speed of the fan. If the system has a problem with the heat that is left unresolved by the fan, it eventually results in the heating up of the system. There are fan control apps that are available for you to check the temperature of the PC from time to time, and based on that, you can increase or decrease the speed of the fan based on the needs of your device.

Change the fans

If you have tried every other option, but nothing helped you reap the output, then it is time for you to replace the old fans with the new ones to reduce the fan sound.


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