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Computer accessories and peripherals are essential for you to have great working experience on the desktop and laptops. The system would be incomplete without these accessories. We at Lia Georson are selling all the accessories under one roof. So, you can land in the stores in Kochi and Perumbavoor to buy these superior quality accessories that last longer. A few of the accessories would also enhance the security of the devices. The advent of technology is another reason for the increase in demand for smart devices. The accessories and peripherals, when added to the computer system, make it highly functional. The peripherals are not inside the computer system, but it is an add-on for the computer system. Few of the peripherals especially monitor essential, without which there is no interface to execute the computing operations. Buy the computer accessories in Kochi and Perumbavoor from Lia Georson.

A few of the computer peripherals and accessories are listed below:


The essential part of the computer peripherals and few workstations will have two to three monitors to boost productivity. When you are buying the monitor, you have to check whether or not it is compatible with your video card without which the output is not shown on the monitor.


The CPU of the system will handle all kinds of computing instructions from various hardware devices housed in the CPU and the software programs running on the computer system.

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The keyboard is essential for you to type and execute whatever commands or operations you want to do. Even the Touchscreen systems would need the keyboards to carry out specific tasks. The keyboard would look like a typewriter, but you find additional keys in it. This would act as an input device to the system.


The mouse is used to control the pointer of the GUI. You would need a mouse to carry out the computing operations on the system at a brisk pace. You can use this to carry out different functions, such as opening the file, program, etc. It is an input device that is connected to the system.


This is an output device using which you can take the print of the matter that you have entered in the system or take the print of any computing data with ease. The printers are widely used in offices and homes to quickly take a print of text, images, and photos.


The projector is the big screen where you can let a group of people see what you are executing. It is the replica of your computer screen. It is widely used for meetings and presentations.

Hard Drive

The hard drive is the heart of the computer, where the data you are storing on the local drives is stored. The abbreviation for the hard drive is HDD.


Headphones are the external devices connected to the system. You can plug in the earphones to listen to the audio. These are worn over the head. The headphones have two ear cups to listen to the audio that you are playing in the system.

AV accessories

There are many audio and video accessories that you can attach to the system, such as webcam, speakers, headsets, microphones, and so on. When it comes to speakers, it is the hardware device that you can connect to the system to produce sound output. You can enjoy a theatre-like experience and sounds by having good speakers.

The sound card is another AV accessory that gives the system the potential to produce sound, which a user can listen to.


The adapter is an essential accessory for the laptop to charge it. Without this accessory, you cannot charge the laptop and use it throughout the day. You connect this to the laptop for as long as you are using so that the charge remains 100%.


The webcam is easier for one to connect to the system or a server to have a video chat with the people sitting on the other end through the internet. You can see the person and listen to their audio.

Memory stick

The memory stick is the flash drive or the USB drive that is portable. When you connect the USB to the system, you can copy the files to the drive as a backup. The USBs can store huge chunks of information at one go.

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The batteries are the hardware devices that are used to supply power to the appliances or devices. You can make the appliance run without the help of the power cord.


It is the hardware device that allows you to transmit and receive the data through the telephone lines.


The motherboard is the circuit board to which all the hardware components inside the CPU are connected. It helps the RAM and other critical components to collaborate and work effectively.

These are a few computer accessories and peripherals that are connected inside and outside the system.

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